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Founded in 1989, by famed Guzheng maker Jia Hongliu in Yanzhou, the company Zhonghao Ltd produces the Zheng Weidao brand of Guzhengs. Zheng Weidao is part of the Yangzhou Guzheng association and has won many national awards. Many Guzheng masters such as Wang Zhongshan and Professor Chen An Hua plays on Zheng Weidao Guzhengs.

Zheng Weidao offers a wide range of Guzheng from half-sized to full Guzheng and prices range from USD$405 all the way to USD$55,000. We find that Zheng Weidao Guzhengs priced between USD$405 to USD$3,090 tend offers a strong value proposition as compared to Dunhuang. Zheng Weidao Guzhengs tend to have a mellower, warm and deeper tone and the sound projection tends to envelope the entire room with a strong spatial sense.

It is a good brand of Guzheng for beginners and aspiring professionals, Zheng Weidao is internationally known and their pricing is fixed internationally as well as in China. We are the only authorized distributor in Singapore.

Do check out their official website: – if you see any models that you like that we do not carry, you can also contact us to find out more.

Zheng Wei Dao - Zhonghao Guzheng Brand


Zhonghao Guzhengs are delicately crafted in Yangzhou, Jiang Su Province. Located down south of China, Yangzhou was one of the wealthiest cities in China, known at various periods for its great merchant families, poets, artists, and scholars. Yangzhou is well known for Guzheng making due to its rich cultural heritage.

Yanzhou, Jiangsu Province