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Based in Yangzhou, the Fan Shi Guqins are made by an extremely experienced and skilled team which comprises only members of the ‘Fan’ family and other extended kin (.  The Fan Shi workshop has been stockpiling woods since their elders’ time, meanwhile being air dried to be made into exquisite masterpieces. Each qin follows thousands of years of traditional qin making techniques, and only uses natural lacquers without use of additional chemicals. Each layer of lacquer is applied by hand and left to dry naturally, each Guqin takes many years to be completed from start to finish. 

With the help of Guqin master and antique collector – Tao Yi, many of the masterpieces crafted by Fan Shi is modelled and designed after Guqins made in the Tang or the Song Dynasty. 

Fanshi Guqin Maker


Fan Shi Guqins are delicately handcrafted in Yangzhou, Jiang Su Province. Located down south of China, Yangzhou was one of the wealthiest cities in China, known at various periods for its great merchant families, poets, artists, and scholars. Yangzhou is well known for Guqin making due to its rich cultural heritage.

Yanzhou, Jiangsu Province


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