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Caorong erhu maker
Erhu Maker - Master Caorong

Photo of Erhu Luthier – Master Caorong fixing the decorative window of an Erhu

Having bagged multiple prestigious awards such as the ‘The Ninth Shanghai Most Talented Craftsman Award’ and ‘Shanghai Labour Day Award’ and more, master Cao Rong (曹荣) is the head of craftsmen in Shanghai No. 1 Musical Instruments Factory (Dunhuang Yi Chang 敦煌一厂). Master Cao Rong is also in-charge of the development of Huqin at Dunhuang.

Every Erhu stamped by Master Cao Rong is meticulously crafted by hand outside of his working hours at Dunhuang. His Erhus are popular throughout China particularly in Shanghai and also Taiwan. His Erhus are known to sound clean and warm yet extremely responsive to touch, with extended use over the years, his Erhus matures beautifully – This is why many conservatory students love his instruments. With his Erhus, you will  find it easier to play fast passages and high notes, and you will also have full bodied sound at the lower end of the range.


Cao Rong Erhus are delicately handcrafted in Shanghai, China. Shanghai is known as a populous urban international financial hub of China. However, the city is also known to have a very rich culture and history and is a pivotal place for the development of the ‘Jiangnan Sizhu 江南丝竹’.

Shanghai has its own world class professional Chinese orchestra and conservatory.

Shanghai City


Level: Beginner – Professional

Tonal Quality: Smooth, Clear

Level: Beginner – Professional

Tonal Quality: Smooth, Powerful, Clear

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