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Cao Rong 2nd Grade Aged Rosewood Di Yin Erquan Erhu

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This erhu is made specially for playing songs like ‘Moon’s reflection on Erquan – 二泉映月’, and ‘Listening to the Pines – 听松’, which uses a lower tuning such as A – E or G – D, unlike the convectional erhus with a D – A tuning. It has a slightly larger soundbox and a slightly longer neck than a conventional erhu to accommodate for the lower pitched tuning. It has the sweet and clean sound of a Shanghai Erhu, whilst retaining the deep and rich characteristics needed for a Di Yin Erhu. When you play an Erhu made by Caorong, you will find the sound traditional yet has the clean, smooth and warm full-bodied tone of a modern Erhu. Built specially for playing erhu classics and lower-pitched tuning, this Di Yin Erquan Erhu will be a great addition to your collection. Have a look at our Erhu demo video.

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FREE Erhu Accessories (Worth $80) - Semi Hard Case, Bow, Damper, Fine Tuners, Rosin, Steel Wound Strings (Fitted-on)

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Upgrade To Dark Grey Travel Hard Case

Are you tired of those thinly padded soft cases that can't withstand the rough and bumpy journey? Meet the Erhu Travel Hard Case, a luxurious and stylish case that not only looks good, but also provides top-notch protection for your precious instrument! Built to last, with a sturdy exterior that shrugs off bumps, drops, and the toughest of knocks.

Its premium comfort features makes carrying the case around a breeze. Definitely the perfect piece for musicians or even enthusiasts who often travels with their instruments.

So whether you're a musician on the go or just an enthusiast looking for the ultimate protection for your precious instruments, prioritizing protection over and willing to accept that little added weight, the Erhu Travel Hard Case is highly recommended for you.

Upgrade To Wittner Erhu Fine Tuners

Made in Germany - these fine tuners, also known as fine adjusters, are made of nickel plated steel and extremely well crafted. Compared to normal China made fine tuners, these fine tuners are more gentle on the strings, easier to turn and also able to fine tune a greater range.

You can either purchase them in pairs or single. Select single if you only need to attach it onto one single string.

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Upgrade to Pirastro Schwarz Rosin

The Black Schwarz, one of the hardest rosin of the Pirastro brand, it is very suitable for hot and humid climates and do not clump up easily. It is relatively easy to dust when applied on the bow and it produces a bright sound when played on steel strings. Although this rosin is made for violin, but it is also recommended for Erhu, Zhonghu and Gaohu as well.

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A demo video of the Cao Rong 2nd Grade Aged Rosewood Di Yin Erquan Erhu. Enjoy the Deep and Rich sound of this amazing Erhu, performed by Teacher Aaron Eight Tones Music School now!

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For beginner players, this Erhu allows you to explore the wonderful sound of Erhu comfortably, while discovering how playing a professional-grade Erhu will feel & sound like in your hands. A great option to accompany you through your learning phase.

If you are looking to start with a more budget-friendly Erhu, you will want to consider Beginner Grade Erhus or Intermediate Grade Erhus.

As an intermediate or a professional player, this well-rounded and powerful Erhu is definitely suited for recording and performances. Click here to browse through the other Professional Grade Erhus.

However, if you are looking to push the boundaries of your Erhu’s sound further, and are searching for that perfect, melodious sound, check out our higher tier Collector’s Grade Erhus.

This erhu is made specially for playing songs like ‘Moon’s reflection on Erquan – 二泉映月’, and ‘Listening to the Pines – 听松’,  which uses a lower tuning such as A – E or G – D, unlike the convectional erhus with a D – A tuning.

– Weight approx: 1.03kg (with box)

– Dimensions approx: 82cm x 10.5cm x 13cm (with box)

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Our Erhus come with a 1 year warranty that covers for manufacturing defects. If you have any problems with the Erhu, you can contact us to let us know what issues you are facing.

Do note that we do not cover for damages caused by user accidentally or intentionally. String breakages are also not covered.

Refund and returns request will only be fulfilled if there is out-of-box failures or missing packages, more details can be found here.


Every Erhu stamped by Master Cao Rong is meticulously crafted by hand outside of his working hours at Dunhuang. His Erhus are popular throughout China particularly in Shanghai and also Taiwan. His Erhus are known to sound clean and warm yet extremely responsive to touch, with extended use over the years, his Erhus matures beautifully – This is why many conservatory students love his instruments. With his Erhus, you will  find it easier to play fast passages and high notes, and you will also have full bodied sound at the lower end of the range.

Caorong erhu maker


2nd Grade Aged Rosewood

Just by touch, you will feel that the wood of this Erhu is extremely well aged – the surface of the wood is lightly wax varnished in such a way that you can still feel the tiny pores of the wood. Harvested from vintage furniture, this class of Aged Rosewood confers upon the Erhu its signature radiant tone. This naturally dried Erhu wood will give you a sparkling tone with good resonant Erhu sound signature. Definitely a worthy instrument to add to your collection.

Cao Rong 2nd Grade Aged Rosewood Di Yin Erquan Erhu Wood


From: USD$850.0

Level: Intermediate
Tonal Quality: Robust, Clear
Sold Out
Sold Out
Cao Rong 1st Grade Indian Violet Sandalwood Erhu featured photo

From: USD$8,800.0

Level: Collector’s
Tonal Quality: Powerful, Clean, Sweet

From: USD$5,200.0

Level: Collector’s
Tonal Quality: Rich, Smooth, Powerful

From: USD$3,000.0

Level: Professional
Tonal Quality: Smooth, Powerful, Clear
Sold Out
Sold Out
Indian Violet Sandalwood Erhu featured photo

From: USD$5,000.0

Level: Collector’s
Tonal Quality: Sweet, Bright, Powerful

From: USD$680.0

Level: Beginner
Tonal Quality: Broad, Powerful

From: USD$320.0

Level: Beginner
Tonal Quality: Loud, Balanced


The key to a sensitive and good sounding Erhu lies in the resonating skin of the sound box. You will find the skin is stretched to a uniform tension across the sound box  and fitted by hand. When you gently press the skin with your fingers and you will find that it is firm to your touch – this ensures that the membrane will resonate the sound box to its maximum potential so as to give you a full and deep sound.

Cao Rong 2nd Grade Aged Rosewood Di Yin Erquan Erhu Sound Box Skin


Meticulously carved, this traditional Shanghai style decorative window is made from a combination of Rosewood and Boxwood, the material is sturdy yet elastic to provide support to the sound box so that your Erhu will be more durable.

Cao Rong 2nd Grade Aged Rosewood Di Yin Erquan Erhu Decorative Window


The elegant Shanghai styled headstock arch and six-sided tuning pegs, is a traditional design that is unique to the Shanghai styled Erhus.  When you perform with this Erhu, you will find it well-balanced and light, it is less strenuous on your left hand after long hours of playing this Erhu.

Cao Rong 2nd Grade Aged Rosewood Di Yin Erquan Erhu Headstock


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Cleaning your Erhu – It is a good practice to clean your Erhu after playing it, this would prevent Rosin build up which could be difficult to remove and in extreme cases, damages the Erhu. You should clean your Erhu with a lint-free dry cloth. Do not clean your Erhu using water, oils, alcohols and waxes. A dry cloth is sufficient for daily cleaning. For a full cleaning or restoration, contact us and we can assist you with it.

We advice that you frequently check your Erhu for the following for an optimal playing experience – Sufficient amount of rosin is evenly distributed on the bow hair – The bridge is seated firmly in the middle of the soundbox with the strings in the ridges – Ensure that your strings are not rusty – Ensure that Qianjin is in good condition and not entangled – No cracks or splits along the soundbox – Ensure that the damper is in place below the bridge

This Erhu comes with China made Fine Tuners, however the Wittner Fine Tuners will be a better choice it does not introduce kink to the strings.
A very handy Erhu Cleaning Cloth to clean dirt away.
One the best instrument tuner with metronome you can find – Korg Combo Chromatic Tuners,
One of the best bows you can find – Li Huai Gang Bow,
A German made rosin – Pirastro Oliv Evah Rosin,
and easy to carry cases that offers good protection – Premium Erhu Cases.

Seasoning an erhu is not by adding pepper and salt till it is well marinated. Instead it refers to the process of breaking-in the instrument till it sounds and plays optimally. When an erhu is new, the skin is taught and firm. By playing on the erhu more frequently, the vibrations from your playing will soften the skin and your erhu will reach its peak performance. This process can take from 3months onwards with at least 15mins of daily playing on the erhu.

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