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Bo Yue Model 600 Aged Rosewood Pipa

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The tone of this premium Pipa shimmers with an incredible presence of body, lending its various registers a wide dynamic range. Able to take on civil or martial pieces, and even modern works by powerhouse composers. This Pipa is extremely versatile, you will find its tone color is rich and extremely easy to manipulate.

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This Pipa is suitable for beginners, enthusiasts and professionals.

If you are a beginner, you might want this perfect masterpiece to explore the sound of the Pipa comfortably and to discover how a true professional grade Pipa feels like in your hands. This Pipa will be one that can accompany you throughout your learning journey. If you are looking to start with a more budget friendly Pipa, you can have a look at the Bo Yue Model 400 Huali Rosewood Pipa or the Bo Yue Model 300 Varnished Maple Pipa.

If you are an enthusiast or a professional, this Pipa will ensure that you are well equipped to tackle fiendishly difficult showpieces, or passionate and profound concertos, it will understand your needs and mold itself to your desires, providing nuanced layers of dimension to your music. Definitely a good addition to your collection of Pipas.

With a Rich, Powerful and Well Rounded tone colour, you will find that this Aged Rosewood Pipa has the Aged Rosewood signature sound that will amaze you immediately. The tone colour is even across all the usable registers and very easy to control.

It is definitely a worthy companion to accompany you throughout the course of your music journey.

– Weight approx: 4.9kg (with box)

– Dimensions approx: 103cm x 33cm x 12cm (with box)

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Aged Rosewood, the de facto ingredient of choice for makers of premium instruments. Traditionally used in furniture making, its high structural stability and sombre hue has made it highly coveted amongst collectors.

Having been harvested from vintage furniture, frames made from Aged Rosewood possess an especially sonorous timbre. From its thundering low registers, to clarion, sweet highs, this premium Pipa possesses the best of both worlds. This is an instrument worthy to pass down in the decades to come.

Bo Yue Model 600 Aged Rosewood Pipa Frame


A premium Pipa will definitely require the usage of an equally astounding soundboard. Not only must the choice of Paulownia wood possess an optimal level of density, it also requires a low level of moisture content for excellent sound projection to occur.

This is a soundboard that definitely fits the bill. Having been extensively air dried, it is able to fully unlock the potential of the Pipa’s Aged Rosewood frame. The result is a tone color that is rich in bass frequencies while retaining a high degree of sonic penetration. With its high degree of structural stability, this soundboard enjoys a greatly expanded lifespan as compared to the average run-of-the-mill Pipa, allowing you to connect with it for many years to come. A must-have for performers who wish to bring out the best in their playing!

Bo Yue Model 600 Aged Rosewood Pipa Soundboard


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Bo Yue Model 300 Varnished Maple Pipa featured photo

From: USD$650.0

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Bo Yue Model 450 Pipa featured photo

From: USD$1,490.0


One will be definitely hard-pressed to find a culture that reveres nature as much as the Chinese. From their mythical lore, folk art, and philosophical pursuits, attuning oneself to the mysterious ebbs and flows of nature has always been a fundamental tenant in Daoism. Perhaps this combination of union of sublimity pays sufficient homage to these lofty ideals. From the seasoned maturity of Aged Rosewood, resplendent glamor of bone, and the austere air of bamboo, this is a grounded instrument that speaks volumes of its long, illustrious history.

Bo Yue Model 600 Aged Rosewood Pipa Frets


Jiayue Matte Black Pipa PU Padded Soft Case featured photo
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Out of Stock

Jiayue Matte Black Pipa PU Padded Soft Case

Jiayue Matte Black Pipa PU Padded Soft Case featured photo
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Out of Stock

Jiayue Matte Black Pipa PU Padded Soft Case



Beauty, class, romance, and prosperity. Over time, the Peony has come to embody many different traits in China, From Li Bai’s description of Yang Yuhuan’s elegant visage, the popular Kunqu Opera “The Peony Pavilion”, and innumerable paintings by artists throughout millennia, this is a flower that has been highly appreciated by both intellectuals and common folk alike.

Greatly enhancing the aesthetics of this Pipa, its headstock now features an intricate Peony design, bestowing the instrument an air of regality. Alongside its carefully carved spiral tuning pegs, contrasting with a solemn bone table, this is a look that embodies that emcompassess the many facets of Chinese culture. Truly a masterful design.

Bo Yue Model 600 Aged Rosewood Pipa Headstock


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