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Bo Yue Model 500 Suanzhi Rosewood Pipa

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Made from only the best cuts of Suanzhi Rosewood and Paulownia wood, the resonance that this premium Pipa possesses is spectacular to say the least. When even the treble registers brim with resonance and body, you know that you have yourself a rare find in your hands.

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This Pipa is suitable for beginners, enthusiasts and professionals.

If you are a beginner, you might want this premium Pipa to explore the sound of the Pipa comfortably. This Pipa will be one that can accompany you throughout your learning journey. If you are looking to start with a more budget friendly Pipa, the Bo Yue Model 400 Huali Rosewood is a good choice for you as well.

If you are an enthusiast or a professional, with this Pipa will give you a well-rounded and powerful sound – suitable for recording or performances. If you would like to push the boundaries of your Pipa sound further, you might consider getting the higher tier Bo Yue Model 600 Aged Rosewood Pipa.

With a Well Rounded and Powerful tone colour, you will find that this Suanzhi Rosewood amazing. The tone colour is even across all the registers and very easy to control.

It is definitely a worthy companion to accompany you throughout the course of your music journey.

– Weight approx: 4.9kg (with box)

– Dimensions approx: 103cm x 33cm x 12cm (with box)

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Mellow, rich, and full bodied. Terms often used to describe fine wine, they can also be applied to the sonic qualities of Suanzhi Rosewood as well. With its beautiful sound and elegant appearance, Rosewood instruments have been surging in demand over the past few decades. Having selected only the best cuts in their construction, Bo Yue’s pipas are also incredibly sturdy, making this an instrument that possesses an immense capacity for growing and nurturing. Definitely a worthy investment for your Pipa journey!


Priding itself on using only the best materials for making instruments, Bo Yue employed the choicest cuts of Paulownia wood for this endeavor. These soundboards have been extensively air dried, reducing their moisture content to an optimal level. Fitted with utmost precision, this premium Pipa therefore possesses a particularly explosive yet controlled sound, akin to silk-encased steel. With this low moisture content also conferring a high degree of responsiveness, this is a premium Pipa that will serve you well for many generations to come.

Bo Yue Model 500 Suanzhi Rosewood Pipa Soundboard


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For Order Only
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For Order Only
Bo Yue Model 600 Aged Rosewood Pipa featured photo

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For Order Only
Bo Yue Model 300 Varnished Maple Pipa featured photo

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For Order Only
Bo Yue Model 600 Aged Rosewood Pipa featured photo

From: SGD$3,490.0


Made from three contrasting materials, this combination underscores the definition of elegance. From the old school appearance of the Rosewood frets, the delicate hue of the bone frets, alongside the oriental touch of the bamboo frets, they complement each other in a tasteful fashion, highlighting the graceful arches of this instrument.

Bo Yue Model 500 Suanzhi Rosewood Pipa Frets