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*The Erhu images are model products, Click here for Erhu demo video.

Zhang Lian Jun African Aged Rosewood Erhu

In your hands, this Erhu will sound warm, creamy still able to produce a powerful tone. This is crafted from African Aged Rosewood that has been aged for about 20 years, hence this Erhu is dense and slightly weighty in your hands – the reason why this Erhu can resonate well to produce the tone that you will like. Have a look at our Erhu demo video.

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Accessories & Top-ups:

Overseas CITES Application (+2 Weeks Shipping)

FREE Erhu Accessories (Worth $80) - Semi Hard Case, Bow, Damper, Fine Tuners, Rosin, Steel Wound Strings (Fitted-on)

One FREE Beginner Erhu lesson (online/physical) (Worth $50)

Upgrade To Dark Grey Travel Hard Case

Are you tired of those thinly padded soft cases that can't withstand the rough and bumpy journey? Meet the Erhu Travel Hard Case, a luxurious and stylish case that not only looks good, but also provides top-notch protection for your precious instrument! Built to last, with a sturdy exterior that shrugs off bumps, drops, and the toughest of knocks.

Its premium comfort features makes carrying the case around a breeze. Definitely the perfect piece for musicians or even enthusiasts who often travels with their instruments.

So whether you're a musician on the go or just an enthusiast looking for the ultimate protection for your precious instruments, prioritizing protection over and willing to accept that little added weight, the Erhu Travel Hard Case is highly recommended for you.

Upgrade To Wittner Erhu Fine Tuners

Made in Germany - these fine tuners, also known as fine adjusters, are made of nickel plated steel and extremely well crafted. Compared to normal China made fine tuners, these fine tuners are more gentle on the strings, easier to turn and also able to fine tune a greater range.

You can either purchase them in pairs or single. Select single if you only need to attach it onto one single string.

Insufficient stock

Upgrade to Pirastro Schwarz Rosin

The Black Schwarz, one of the hardest rosin of the Pirastro brand, it is very suitable for hot and humid climates and do not clump up easily. It is relatively easy to dust when applied on the bow and it produces a bright sound when played on steel strings. Although this rosin is made for violin, but it is also recommended for Erhu, Zhonghu and Gaohu as well.

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(6 customer reviews)

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If you are a beginner, you might want this Erhu as it can accompany you throughout your learning phase. If you are looking to start with a Erhu that is more budget friendly, you can have a look at the Beginner Grade Erhus.

As an intermediate player, this Erhu is a great instrument to have in your instrument collection. You can also check out other Intermediate Grade Erhus.

However, for professionals, this Erhu may not be suitable for you as you may require a more penetrative and powerful sounding Erhu for more advanced pieces. Then, you can check out the higher tier Erhus – Professional Grade Erhus, and Collector’s Grade Erhus.

With a Broad and Powerful tone colour, you will find that this African Aged Rosewood Erhu tone colour is even across all the usable registers and easy to control.

– Weight approx: 1.03kg (with box)

– Dimensions approx: 82cm x 10.5cm x 13cm (with box)

Shipping timings can only be calculated when you have selected the type of courier during checkout.

*Do note that it is highly recommended to purchase this Erhu with CITES if you are an international buyer (not from Singapore), tick on the checkbox above for the option and allow us additional 10 working days for application of CITES before we ship out your purchase.

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Our Erhus come with a 1 year warranty that covers for manufacturing defects. If you have any problems with the Erhu, you can contact us to let us know what issues you are facing.

Do note that we do not cover for damages caused by user accidentally or intentionally. String breakages are also not covered.

Refund and returns request will only be fulfilled if there is out-of-box failures or missing packages, more details can be found here.


A demo video of the Zhang Lian Jun African Aged Rosewood Erhu. Enjoy the Broad and Powerful sound of this amazing Erhu, performed by Teacher Aaron from Eight Tones Music School.

Play Video about Zhang Lian Jun African Aged Rosewood Erhu Demo Video featured photo

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Master Zhang Lian Jun (张连均) has more than 3 decades of industry experience and hails from a family of huqin makers. In his youth, Zhang honed his craft from one of the oldest surviving huqin makers – Master Wan Qi Xing (万其兴) for more than 20 years.

Zhang fervently believes in the old traditional methods of erhu making as he trusts the wisdom of the older generation master luthiers passed down upon him, however, he also believes in constantly fine-tuning the designs for the current generation.  


African Aged Rosewood

Having been left to season for a substantial period of time, this African Aged Rosewood is of sufficient maturity to produce quality Erhus. Playing this Erhu will give you a clear and powerful tone.  The African Aged Rosewood Erhu will feel sturdy in your hands and is also unlikely to warp. It is definitely an instrument that can withstand the rigors of time.

3rd Grade Aged Rosewood Erhu Wood

Sound Box SKIN

The key to a sensitive and good sounding Erhu lies in the resonating  skin of the sound box. You will find the skin is stretched to a uniform tension across the sound box and fitted by hand. When you gently press the skin with your fingers and you will find that it is firm to your touch – this ensures that the membrane will resonate the sound box to its maximum potential so as to give you a full and deep sound. 



This traditional Suzhou style decorative window is made from a combination of Rosewood and Boxwood, the material is sturdy yet elastic to provide support to the sound box so that your Erhu will be more durable.

Suzhou Design Erhu Decorative Window


The elegant Suzhou styled headstock arch and six-sided tuning pegs, is a traditional design that is unique to the Suzhou styled Erhus.  When you perform with this Erhu, you will find it well-balanced and light, it is less strenuous on your left hand after long hours of playing this Erhu.

6 reviews for Zhang Lian Jun African Aged Rosewood Erhu

  1. Chris Yeo

    I bought it at the school itself after my 1st music lesson.
    The teacher who recommended this erhu to me has been very patient as it was my first purchase and it took me a while to decide. He even played several erhu nany times upon request and is certainly very knowledgeable in this instrument. I could also tell that he’s very passionate to share what he knows and is definitely a pleasant experience to buy an instrument from Eight Tones🤣

    Image #1 from Chris Yeo
    • Eight Tones Music

      Thank you for your kind review!

  2. Mr Teo

    Last November, my wife and I decided to learn to play a Chinese musical instrument. We came across Eight Tones and decided to enrol for lessons with them. Eight Tones staff are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The quality of the instrument is good, but as a beginner I needed some lessons before I could coax the sound quality from the instrument. The friendly Eight Tone instructor is patient, flexible and I m able to pick up playing some popular songs quickly after 6 months of lessons.

    Image #1 from Mr Teo
    • Eight Tones Music

      Thank you for your kind review!

  3. Shirley Ho

    The er Hu instrument is sturdy made of good quality wood and their er Hu is unique each produces has different beautiful tones which you can choose from. The er Hu is also set up and tune for me when I bought it. Overall good service! 👍👍👍

    Image #1 from Shirley Ho
    Image #2 from Shirley Ho
    • Eight Tones Music

      Thank you for your kind review!

  4. Chan Yeow

    Learning erhu has brought me much joy and cheer amidst the gloom of the pandemic. Eight Tones Music is a one-stop service station for the aspiring mature student – there are lessons for beginners; they sell a range of instruments of varying quality and prices; they are sincere in making recommendations suitable for the beginner.

    Image #1 from Chan Yeow
    • Eight Tones Music

      Thank you for your kind review!

  5. Cynthia

    Aaron is very knowledgeable and willing to share information on the makers of the erhu and wood used. As I bought the erhu after my trial class, I was very fortunate to have my teacher assist me in trying out the various erhus so that I could decide which sound resonates with me.

    Image #1 from Cynthia
    • Eight Tones Music

      Thank you for your kind review!

  6. Kwee Kwang

    这把二胡, 我是2019 买的, 大概 $650价位。 二胡的音色很厚, 亮而不亢。 声音清晰, 柔美。 我买的二胡是物超所值的。

    Image #1 from Kwee Kwang
    • Aaron Ang


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