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Pirastro Schwarz Rosin

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The Black Schwarz, one of the hardest rosin of the Pirastro brand, it is very suitable for hot and humid climates and do not clump up easily. It is relatively easy to dust when applied on the bow and it produces a bright sound when played on steel strings. Although this rosin is made for violin, but it is also recommended for Erhu, Zhonghu and Gaohu as well.


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Pirastro Rosin Hardness Chart


One of the hardest rosin in the Pirastro line, the Pirastro Schwarz rosin gives a really smooth and even grip on the strings. If you would like have a warm and sound, then the Pirastro Schwarz rosin is suitable for you. This hard type of rosin is generally made from tree saps tapped from trees  during late winter or early spring, and it is usually more suitable for  hot and humid climate.


This rosin is often used by Erhu players as many players fancy the sound it produces. If you like a Rosin with more grip and a brighter sound, you might want to consider harder rosin like the Pirastro Oliv-Evah Rosin.


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