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Wu Shi Gaoyin Jia Jian Suona (Rosewood)

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An artisan Suona designed for high-level enthusiast and professionals. This Suona is made using Rosewood that have been left to season for a substantial period of time, sufficiently matured to produce quality Suonas.

This is an bass-range Suona. If you are looking for a Suona with a lower pitch, do check out the Wu Shi Zhong Yin Jia Jian Suona or Wu Shi Di Yin Jia Jian Suona.

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This Suona is suitable for enthusiasts and professionals.

A Suona designed solely high level enthusiasts and professionals in mind, this Suona’s sound is absolutely amazing. If you are a beginner who is having lessons right now, you can consult your teacher before making a purchase as this Suona.

If you are looking for a Suona of a lower pitch, do check out the Wu Shi Zhong Yin Jia Jian Suona or Wu Shi Di Yin Jia Jian Suona. Have a look at our full range of Suonas here.

With a Bright, Resonant, Penetrating tone color, this Suona is absolutely stunning and a true professional grade Suona designed only to have the best tone colors and control in mind.

– Weight approx: 2.35kg

– Dimensions approx: 50cm x 15.5cm x 19cm

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Wu Qirui passed down the art of crafting musical instruments from the court, leading to the establishment of Wu Shi (吴氏管乐). They produce traditional instruments including the Sheng, Guan, Di, Xiao, Suona, Cuan and other national wind instruments. The creation process rigorously adheres to time-honored methods, involving steps like wood and bamboo preparation, cutting, drilling, tuning, as well as a thorough study on the metal material formula.

Wu’s inheritors have worked passionately to continue and advance this craft. Not only are their instruments made with carefully selected materials and exceptional craftsmanship, but also of beautiful tonal quality and aesthetics, making them both highly valuable and functional.



A material that is currently rising in demand, only the best cuts of Rosewood are employed in the construction of this Suona’s frame. From its lush black hue to the streaks of wood grains that course throughout its surface, this is a wood that both looks and sounds beautiful. Giving the Suona a luscious aesthetic, this is a lovely instrument for you to begin your Suona journey with!

Gaoyin Jia Jian Suona Body


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Di Yin Suona featured photo

From: USD$11,950.0


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Zhongyin Jia Jian Suona featured photo

From: USD$4,500.0

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Ci Zhongyin Jia Jian Suona featured photo

From: USD$9,850.0

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Zhongyin Jia Jian Suona featured photo

From: USD$4,500.0


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Ci Zhongyin Jia Jian Suona featured photo

From: USD$9,850.0


Carefully tuned by hand by Veteran Singapore Chinese Orchestra Musician, Liu Jiang you will be surprised by how amazing this Suona can be when it comes to intonation control and tone color.

Gaoyin Jia Jian Suona full view


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