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Fan Shi Jiao Ye Style Grade 1 Chinese Fir Guqin

Perhaps the most complex model to craft, this premium Jiao Ye style Guqin (also known as banana leaf style) is pure artistry with its undulating, smooth and flowing wavy design. When playing on this Guqin, you will find the sound sweet, clear and balanced.

Accessories & Top-ups:

FREE Guqin Accessories (Worth $220) - Hard Case, Soft Case, Anti Slip

Upgrade to Grey Guqin Case With Shoulder Straps

It is of utmost importance for instrument owners to protect your instrument. While it is lightweight, it is well-built all around, making the luxurious and premium Grey Guqin Case is a top choice for many.

The soft case is an excellent choice for musicians and enthusiasts who are looking for a lightweight and secure case that can be easily brought about.

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A premium high quality artisan Guqin, this Guqin is exquisite yet extremely versatile and suitable for long term usage or learning. For a more affordable option, you can check out Fan Shi Grade 2 Jiao Ye Style Guqin.

This Guqin has a sweet, clear and balanced tone colour, playing on this Guqin, you will find it a delight when you play on different strings as the sound is balanced across all registers.

– Weight approx: 5.8kg (with box)

– Dimensions approx: 123cm x 22cm x 20cm (with box)

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Our Guqins come with a 1 year warranty that covers for manufacturing defects. If you have any problems with the Guqin, you can contact us to let us know what issues you are facing.

Do note that we do not cover for damages caused by user accidentally or intentionally. String breakages are also not covered.

Refund and returns request will only be fulfilled if there is out-of-box failures or missing packages, more details can be found here.


With the soundboard being said to represent the Heavens, it is a small wonder that the Guqin occupies such a revered position in Chinese society. This Grade 1 Chinese Fir soundboard is therefore guaranteed to leave you entranced with its qualities. Ranging from its enhanced durability, graceful tone color, and high playability, this is definitely a rare find.

Fan Shi Grade 1 Jiao Ye Style Guqin Tail


Using only organic lacquer from the Chinese lacquer tree, this lacquer base is meticulously blended with finely ground deer antler along with other secret organic materials that was passed down for generations. Covering almost the entire Guqin, the quality of lacquer gives this Guqin a beautiful and resonant tone colour.

The Fan Shi makers generously layered the Guqin with lacquer, and also painstakingly air dried every single layer to perfection. This will give the Guqin an even and flawless paintwork that is aesthetically pleasing and gives the Guqin a beautiful tone colour.

Fan Shi Grade 1 Jiao Ye Style Guqin Backboard