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Zhang Lian Jun African Aged Rosewood Zhonghu

An eight sided Beijing style zhonghu that is value-for-money and reliable. The amazing part of this Zhonghu is that the sound is very powerful and able sustain the same power throughout all its usable registers.

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FREE Zhonghu Accessories (Worth $80) - Bow, Damper, Finer Tuners

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Upgrade To Wittner Fine Tuners

Made in Germany - these fine tuners, also known as fine adjusters, are made of nickel plated steel and extremely well crafted. Compared to normal China made fine tuners, these fine tuners are more gentle on the strings, easier to turn and also able to fine tune a greater range.

You can either purchase them in pairs or single. Select single if you only need to attach it onto one single string.

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With its beautiful tone and modest price tag, you will definitely be getting your money’s worth. Defying all the traditional stereotypes, this is a Zhonghu that will provide a welcomed fresh perspective to your listeners, allowing you to create nuanced music with a high degree of eloquence.

This particular Aged Rosewood Zhonghu possesses a relaxed and clear tone. With an added hint of lusciousness in its tonal properties, you have a Zhonghu that has a smooth touch, and a timbre that is able to blossom on command.

– Weight approx: 1.03kg (without box)

– Dimensions approx: 82cm x 10.5cm x 13cm (without box)

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Master Zhang Lian Jun (张连均) has more than 30 years of industry experience and hails from a family of huqin makers. In his youth, Zhang honed his craft from one of the oldest surviving huqin makers – Master Wan Qi Xing (万其兴) for more than 20 years.

Zhang fervently believes in the old traditional methods of erhu making as he trusts the wisdom of the older generation master luthiers passed down upon him, however, he also believes in constantly fine-tuning the designs for the current generation. Xin Yue Qin Fang has earned its reputation as being the industry leader through its fine craftsmanship, quality control, tonal excellence.


African Aged Rosewood

Seasoned and matured for a long period of time, the Aged Rosewood used in the construction of this Zhonghu is well suited for making quality instruments. Conferring it a warm, husky tone, its frame is also very sturdy due to its high degree of structural integrity. Definitely a Zhonghu that will stand the test of time.

Zhang Lian Jun 3rd Grade Aged Rosewood Zhonghu Wood