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Japanese Style Inverted Triangle Bone 1st Grade Aged Rosewood Guzheng Bridges

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The Japanese Style Inverted Triangle Bone Aged Rosewood bridges provide an amplified bass and highs of your Guzheng, engulfing it in a warm and rich tone color. For Guzhengs that lack power and lustre, these bridges will restore life back into your Guzheng.

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Almost every stringed instrument consists of at least 1 bridge. It is a medium that connects the vibrations from the strings to the soundboard or the resonating body of the instrument.

A well-matched set of bridges can alter the tone and touch of the guzheng drastically. Guzheng bridges are movable, and have multiple bridges. The bridges in the guzheng not only transfer the vibrations, but also shape the tone and timbre of the instrument by adding/filtering out various harmonics from the vibration of the strings into the soundboard. A well-fitted set of bridges also will stay firmly in place and not slide around when the player performs big pitch bends, strong accents, and fortessimo (very loud) passages.

A standard guzheng has 21 bridges and needs all the 21 bridges to perform. They are typically made out of hardwoods from the Rosewood family such as African Huali, black Sandalwood, Suan Zhi Rosewood, Aged Rosewood and many more!


Made from Aged Rosewood, the tonewood is one of the best materials used in the making of Chinese instruments. The Japanese Style bridges are tremendously well-built, originating from Xi’an many decades ago. Having been popularised in Koto, these bridges have become increasingly favoured in recent years.

Due to hundreds of years of curing, the wood is as stable as can be, and often imparts a creamy, warm, tone, as well as give the instrument a more airy and open tone.


Using an inverted triangle bone-tip made of cow bone, this tip design sends vibrations in a quick and focused manner into the bridge’s body, and then into the soundboard. The resultant effect enables the entire Guzheng to be more responsive, focused, crisp, albeit cutting down slightly on tail end resonance.

With smaller feet, these bridges create higher pressure on the soundboard, and are also taller than the standard Shanghai Style Bridges, creating a downweight onto the soundboard.


These bridges filter out the wolf tones and bring out the best sounds of a Guzheng, allowing for the Guzheng ato sound even brighter. It provides Guzhengs with a cleaner and crisp tone but has a shorter tail end resonance as compared to the Rectangle Bone bridges.

These bridges are great for Guzhengs that lack power and lustre as it boosts its ability to sound even brighter and even more resonant.


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