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Grey Erhu Fiberglass Hard Case

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Fiberglass cases offers the perfect combination, style and protection. The Fiberglass Hard Case is minimalistic, well-crafted, and lightweight, yet incredibly sturdy and provides excellent protection for your Erhu. So whether you’re traveling to a gig, heading to a recording studio, or just want to keep your instrument safe at home, your instrument will be safe and sound in a fiberglass case.


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Fiberglass hard-shell cases are incredibly protective and can take a hard beating, giving you the extra durability that your instrument needs. Unlike foam and plywood cases, this Fiberglass hard-shell case is also weather resistant, ensuring further security when it is being transported around as it holds the instrument firmly in its place.

Within the case is a premium and opulent and soft velvet fabric which reduces the amount of scuffs your instrument may acquire in other cases. The added support at delicate areas have been crucial when constructing the hard-shell case to provide the most optimum protection that you require.

High quality locks have also been added to hold the casing together. These locks are impeccably made to withstand the knocks, while also having different options of entry to your instrument.

Should you need to rest your instrument on the ground, the hardy studs have been well placed on the bottom of the case.

Zhuque 11B Guzheng Frame


Carrying your instrument around cannot be simpler with the secure latch-locks and two-wheels located on the bottom of the Fiberglass casing, providing mobility when it is being lugged around. These padded handles made from high quality and premium materials integrated on the side of the casing will be able to give you great carrying options.

Having been ergonomically designed, the Fiberglass case is considerably lightweight in its class, making carrying around your instrument incredibly comfortable and easy.

Zhuque 11B Guzheng Frame


Whether you are a professional musician or an enthusiast, this Fiberglass hard-shell Erhu case will suit you perfectly. It provides the utmost protection for your instrument, despite adding a slight bit of weight compared to soft cases.

Zhuque 11B Guzheng Frame


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