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Dunhuang ‘Tale of Liang Zhu’ Yellow Sandalwood Guzheng

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Possessing one of the most powerful tone colors while keeping a great ease of control for you, this is a superb Guzheng to own. The Dunhuang Yichang ‘Tale of Liang Zhu’ Yellow Sandalwood Guzheng gives musicians of all levels that perfect, delightful balance of creative expression & musical depth.

Crafted by master luthiers of Dunhuang, this Guzheng sounds crisp, clear and full of depth, it is the definition of the balance of both worlds.

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Upgrade to Bo Yue Premium White Marble Design Guzheng Nails

Made with a special mix of resin and acrylic to mimic the marble, these Guzheng nails produces a crisp and bright tone color. These nails are popular among Guzheng enthusiasts and professionals. These Guzheng nails are only sold in a set for both hands.

This set of Guzheng nails is suitable for 16 years old and above. Measurements are approximately 3.0cm(thumb) and 2.7cm(middle finger).

*Do note that there might be 0.1cm difference, due to manual measurement.

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For beginner and intermediate players, this premium Guzheng can be your companion to explore the sound of Guzheng comfortably, while discovering how a soloist grade Guzheng will feel like in your hands. This Guzheng is definitely a great option to accompany you through your learning phase, it is well-rounded and powerful which is suited for your recordings and performances. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly Guzheng, do check out our Beginner Grade Guzhengs and Intermediate Grade Guzhengs to work within your budget.

If you a professional player this Guzheng is perfect for you, however do check out your other options – Professional Grade Guzhengs, Soloist Grade Guzhengs or even the Collector’s Grade Guzhengs.

With a rich, bright and powerful tone colour, the Dunhuang Yellow Sandalwood Series Guzheng’s tone color is even across all strings and is extremely easy to control. This Guzheng is definitely a worthy companion to accompany you throughout the course of your musical journey. 

– Weight approx: 17.09kg (inside box with leg)

– Dimensions approx: 173cm x 45cm x 30cm (inside box with leg)

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At Eight Tones Music, we are Singapore’s only trusted Authorized Dealer of the Shanghai Dunhuang Yichang Guzheng Brand. *Not to be confused with the Hong Kong based Dunhuang Yun Guzheng* We pre-select our Guzhengs directly from Dunhuang factories before they are boxed and shipped to us. 

SINCE 1958, Shanghai Dunhuang No.1 Musical Instruments Factory is the World’s No.1 Largest Brand trusted today by world-famous Guzheng virtuosos, professionals and beginner musicians.

Well known for producing one of the world’s best Guzhengs, Shanghai Dunhuang is recognized by the Chinese central government as an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage Protected Unit’ which gives our instruments the highest brand prestige and recognition./p>

Dunhuang Brand Logo and Authorized Dealership Cert


Together with the power of Type B Guzheng strings and the finest selected Shanghai Dunhuang’s Grade 1 paulownia wood soundboard, this is a Guzheng to be reckoned with. Carefully air dried in a controlled environment over the course of 25 years, this soundboard is seasoned to perfection to produce the signature Rich, Bright and Vibrant Dunhuang sound that you will want to possess.

Dunhuang 6698LC Guzheng Side Panel


Dunhuang 694L Guzheng featured photo

From: SGD$1,300.0

Level: Intermediate
Tonal Quality: Deep Bassy Resonant and Powerful

From: SGD$1,550.0

Level: Intermediate
Tonal Quality: Bright
For Order Only
For Order Only
Dunhuang 694FF Guzheng featured photo

From: SGD$2,250.0

Level: Professional
Tonal Quality: Bright, Powerful

From: SGD$4,900.0

Level: Soloist
Tonal Quality: Rich, Bright and Powerful
For Order Only
For Order Only
Dunhuang 8698J Guzheng featured photo

From: SGD$5,300.0

Level: Soloist
Tonal Quality: Rich, Bright and Powerful

From: SGD$2,100.0

Level: Professional
Tonal Quality: Bright, Powerful

From: SGD$1,200.0

Level: Intermediate
Tonal Quality: Resonant, Bassy


This Guzheng’s Sandalwood frame is tastefully opulent in both appearance and tone color. From its interplay of violet and ebony streaks to the full-bodied, smooth sound that it produces, this frame is everything that you want from a Guzheng.

Using only premium selections of aged rosewood, the bridges of this Guzheng are made to the shape of the Dunhuang Guzheng soundboard so that the vibrations from the strings could travel to the soundboard well and thus maximizing the tonal projection of the Guzheng.