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Bo Yue Model 200 Rosewood Colored Liuqin

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With a balanced and warm sounding, this Liuqin is more budget friendly and is suited to players who want to try out a Liuqin without breaking the bank. In spite of its modest price tag, the level of care that Bo Yue has put in throughout the construction process has resulted in an instrument that sounds especially refreshing.

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With an affordable price tag this is good for helping you with your first baby steps on the Liuqin.

This Liuqin is only suitable for beginners, if you are an enthusiast or a professional, you can consider getting the Bo Yue Model 500 Suanzhi Rosewood Liuqin.

Possessing a Balanced and Warm tone, this beginner level Liuqin is relatively easy to handle.

– Weight approx: 2.05kg (with box)

– Dimensions approx: 70cm x 25cm x 11cm (with box)

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Our Liuqins come with a 1 year warranty that covers for manufacturing defects. If you have any problems with the Liuqin, you can contact us to let us know what issues you are facing.

Do note that we do not cover for damages caused by user accidentally or intentionally. String breakages are also not covered.

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Never shying away from acquiring good quality ingredients, only seasoned paulownia wood is used in the construction of this soundboard. Retaining the crisp high notes of the Liuqin, Bo Yue has tempered it slightly with a warm tone color, reducing any unnecessary harshness. A Liuqin that is especially pleasing to the ear.

Bo Yue Model 200 Liuqin (Vanished Rosewood) Soundboard


Maple is used to make the body of this Liuqin. It is varnished with a beautiful red lacquer to bring out the wood grains and to give a look similar to rosewood. A beautiful Liuqin for you to start your first baby steps with!

Bo Yue Model 200 Liuqin (Vanished Rosewood) Frame


Employing bamboo frets topped with steel, the craftsmen of Bo Yue have ensured that the brilliant properties of the Liuqin are filly drawn out. Having used surgical grade stainless steel to improve both its longevity and tone color, your playing will definitely capture the attention of listeners wherever you go.

Alongside its bamboo bridge, this is a Liuqin that will ring with purity, eliminating unpleasant overtones to a large degree.

Bo Yue Model 200 Liuqin (Vanished Rosewood) Frets


Possessing both beauty and legacy, the Peony has been an object of fascination for many centuries. From its extravagant blossoms, to its innumerable stories, artists from all around the world have amply showcased this flower in its glory through a large variety of art mediums.

This Liuqin also incorporates the Peony into its headstock design. Paired for a beautiful set of tuning pegs, an alluring aura surrounds this instrument. A wonderful interplay of Chinese aesthetics.

Bo Yue Model 200 Liuqin (Vanished Rosewood) Headstock


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