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Yuehai Aged African Violet Sandalwood Yangqin (Model: 402)

Through the usage of Aged African Sandalwood and a well seasoned soundboard, Bo Yue has also managed to add an added depth of tone and shimmering highs into this Yangqin’s tone color. This Yangqin now features deep and rich bass notes, a singing midrange, and bright shimmering highs. One of the best Yangqins you can find.

Accessories & Top-ups:

FREE Yangqin Accessories (Worth $400) - Hard Case, A Pair of Sticks

Add a Music Stand

Not your average kind of foldable music stand, this music stand is heavy duty and can stand firm. For homes that are space constrained, this strikes a good balance between being steady and being less bulky. This is also convenient for gigs/performances as you can easy bring it around everywhere you go, this comes with a small pouch as well.

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For beginner and intermediate players, this premium Yangqin can be your companion to explore the sound of Yangqin comfortably, while discovering how a soloist grade Yangqin will feel like in your hands. This Yangqin is definitely a great option to accompany you through your learning phase, it is well-rounded and powerful which is suited for your recordings and performances. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly Yangqin, do check out our Beginner Grade Guzhengs and Intermediate Grade Guzhengs to work within your budget. If you a professional player this Guzheng is perfect for you, however do check out your other options – Professional Grade GuzhengsSoloist Grade Guzhengs or even the Collector’s Grade Guzhengs.

Possessing a Well-rounded and Balanced tone, this beginner level Yangqin is relatively easy to handle.

– Weight approx: 16kg (with box)

– Dimensions approx: 132cm x 72cm x 32cm (with box)

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Our Guzhengs come with a 1 year warranty that covers for manufacturing defects. If you have any problems with the Guzheng, you can contact us to let us know what issues you are facing.

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Yuehai musical instruments is a subsidiary of renowned brand Xing Hai musical instruments. Yuehai is famed for its high quality yangqins that are used by renowned musicians. They represent a good value, and use many manufacturing techniques from XingHai yangqins which costs many times more. Yuehai yangqins are a great choice for professional yangqin artists.

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A material that is currently rising in demand, only the best cuts of African Violet Sandalwood are employed in the construction of this Yangqin’s frame. From its lush crimson hue to the streaks of wood grains that course throughout its surface, this is a wood that both looks and sounds beautiful. Giving the Yangqin a luscious aesthetic, this is a lovely instrument for you to begin your Yangqin journey with!

Yue Hai Aged African Violet Sandalwood Yangqin Model 402 Frame


Utilizing choice cuts of Paulownia wood, Yuehai’s soundboards often endow its instruments with a lyrical tone color. Having undergone extensive air drying, the final product yields a Yangqin that is beautiful in both appearance and sound production. A great economic model to start your Yangqin journey with.

Yue Hai Aged African Violet Sandalwood Yangqin Model 402 Soundboard


Crafted from solid wood, the stand is not only sturdy and robust, but also features a mother of pearl inlay that perfectly complements the color of your instrument.

Yue Hai Aged African Violet Sandalwood Yangqin Model 402 Stand


African Sandalwood

Often used by other sellers to mislead buyers into believing that it is the more expensive Indian Violet Sandalwood, the African Sandalwood boasts a beautiful red hue and its dense wood  resonates with a deep and sweet tone. The Indian Violet Sandalwood is much rarer with slightly more purplish orange hue and deeper colored wood grains. 

Even the simplest of pieces played by a beginner on the African Sandalwood Erhu will sound emphatic and melodious.

Yuehai Aged African Violet Sandalwood Yangqin with Peddle