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Fan Shi Zhong Ni Grade 1 Chinese Fir (Fei Ming Ying No. 3) Guqin

This “Zhong Ni” style Guqin is a replica of the famous Song Dynasty Guqin, Fei Ming Ying. Originally owned by the prolific Guang Ling Pai player Liu Shao Chun.

This expertly crafted Guqin was also crafted to commemorate his 120th birthday in 2021 with 120 Guqins! Made from the finest and and exclusive materials, it hums with an intricate and delicate sound. This is definitely a prized possession wanted by many.

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Accessories & Top-ups:

FREE Guqin Accessories (Worth $220) - Hard Case, Soft Case, Anti Slip

Upgrade to Grey Guqin Case With Shoulder Straps

It is of utmost importance for instrument owners to protect your instrument. While it is lightweight, it is well-built all around, making the luxurious and premium Grey Guqin Case is a top choice for many.

The soft case is an excellent choice for musicians and enthusiasts who are looking for a lightweight and secure case that can be easily brought about.

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A premium high quality artisan Guqin that exudes brilliance, this Guqin is extremely versatile and suitable for long term usage or learning. For a more affordable option, you can check out Fan Shi Zhong Ni Style Grade 1 (Fei Ming Ying No. 99) Guqin

This Guqin has a sweet, clear and balanced tone colour, playing on this Guqin, you will find it a delight when you play on different strings as the sound is balanced across all registers.

– Weight approx: 5.8kg (with box)

– Dimensions approx: 123cm x 22cm x 20cm (with box)

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Our Guqins come with a 1 year warranty that covers for manufacturing defects. If you have any problems with the Guqin, you can contact us to let us know what issues you are facing.

Do note that we do not cover for damages caused by user accidentally or intentionally. String breakages are also not covered.

Refund and returns request will only be fulfilled if there is out-of-box failures or missing packages, more details can be found here.


The soundboard is the core and quintessential part of the instrument. Shaped and crafted from the finest materials, the Guqin has been mathetically calculated and crafted by the masterful hands of Fan Shi makers. 

This Grade 1 Chinese Fir soundboard is guaranteed to leave you entranced with its qualities, and is the definition of the saying where – art meets science.


The art of lacquering a Guqin is a tedious, intense, yet incredibly rewarding process. From the creation of the lacquer, right down to its application, only in the hands of an experienced Guqin maker can the instrument be brought to life. On touch, the dark coloured and luxurious Guqin will catch your eye.

Combining both finely ground deer antler as well as prepared sap from the Chinese lacquer tree, Master Fan skillfully applies the mixture in an even fashion over the body of the Guqin.  Layered over with 20 layers of lacquer the entire process taking nearly a year to complete, the resultant Guqin tastefully marries both function and form, looking and sounding great right from the start. Truly the work of an experienced master.



The polar opposite of the soundboard, the bottom board represents the Earth we live in, grounding us in reality. With only the best cuts of Catalpa wood being used to create this bottom board, centuries of natural drying has bestowed upon many charming qualities. 


Made from Aged Rosewood, both the Yue Shan and Guan Jiao are key parts of the Guqin, responsible in sending vibrations to the soundboard.

The Guqin has to be perfectly crafted such that the strings do not come into contact with the soundboard upon vibration. If the Yue Shan is crafted too high, it creates resistance. Hence, there is little margin for error in effort to get the perfect touch.

Along with its remarkable craftsmanship, exquisite and robust materials that were used to make this Guqin is key to the beautiful sound that it produces.


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