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Bao Ying Ying Model 400 Unjointed Xiao

A beautifully timeless piece of art, Bao Ying Ying has masterfully preserved the vintage, ethereal sound of the Xiao that we have all grown to know and love. As a result of exquisite ingredients and impeccable craftsmanship, you will be amazed by how beautiful this instrument sounds and looks. Responding to even your lightest breath, the depth and complexity of its tone are astounding, to say the least.

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With this Xiao, exploration of its classically elegant repertoire becomes a simpler, yet joyful affair. Combining both ancient arts and modern technology, take this chance to explore the multiple doors that this Xiao can open for you today!

– Weight approx: 0.3kg (with box)

– Dimensions approx: 95cm x 4cm x 4cm (with box)

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Our Xiaos come with a 1 year warranty that covers for manufacturing defects. If you have any problems with the Xiao, you can contact us to let us know what issues you are facing.

Do note that we do not cover for damages caused by user accidentally or intentionally. String breakages are also not covered.

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Handcrafted individually by Bao Ying Ying (鲍颖颖) under the supervision of her father Bao Ya Nan (鲍颖颖) – The Dizis and Xiaos are made with great precision. The father and daughter duo have a combined experience of more than 70 years of Dizi making. Generations of making Dizis, the Bao family is extremely well known in the region of Hangzhou, Tong Ling Qiao and their craft can be described as exquisite and beautiful.

With their impeccable craftsmanship, the Dizis and Xiaos are tuned to the concert pitch and is very precise in terms of pitching accuracy. This enables you to play with an orchestra or an ensemble setting with great ease.

The Bao family has a huge stockpile of bamboos which are air-dried between 8 to 20 years to ensure that the materials are stable and long lasting, on top of sounding rich, soothing and mellow.




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A superb finishing touch for this Xiao, one cannot help but marvel at how immaculately these adornments blend into the profile of the instrument. Crafted from only the finest bull horn, its shade of midnight black complements the muted tones of the Xiao’s body, bringing a mystifying shimmer to it. It doesn’t hurt of course, that these ends work in conjunction with the coils around the Xiao to strengthen its durability, ensuring that this wonderful instrument can weather the brunts of time.

Bao Ying Ying Xiao


Guogang Dimo Flute Membrane featured photo
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Guogang Dimo Flute Membrane



Crafted from a single cut of premium Purple Bamboo, Bao Ying Ying has gone through extreme lengths to obtain the ingredients needed to craft this Xiao. Being especially picky with its dimensions and moisture content, this Xiao has been left to dry for nearly 20 years! Possessing a willowy yet matured tone, this is only possible without the addition of metal accessories, allowing the Xiao’s true nature to shine through. From its wonderful tone to its enhanced robustness, this is a remarkable piece of art even amongst Bao Ying Ying’s Xiaos.

Bao Ying Ying Xiao Bamboo


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